Just Checking On You

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were talking, and we both agreed that we are glad to see people opening up and talking about mental and emotional health.  Whether it’s a current struggle, something you are overcoming, or if you just want to bring awareness, please keep talking.

I’ve learned that talking it out with the right people is essential.

Don’t get me wrong,

  • Praying helps
  • Writing helps
  • Sleeping helps
  • Meditating helps
  • Crying it out helps
  • Going for a walk helps
  • Attending church helps
  • Listening to music helps
  • Doing things you enjoy helps
  • Logging off of social media helps
  • Reading inspirational things helps
  • Being around people you love helps

But from my experience, talking it out with the right people heals.

It’s just something about releasing to another human being, who is supportive, non-judgmental and empathetic. Whether it’s a licensed therapist, a clergy member, a spiritual advisor, a wise relative, or a trusted friend, please FREE YOURSELF from that confusion, that sadness, that anger, that loneliness, that bitterness, and that pent-up frustration. Talk it out. In most cases, you’ll feel better once you do.

Try not to allow shame, guilt, fear, or even the thought of sounding crazy, to keep you silent. Also, try to block out the negative opinions of others about your situation. Believe me; I know that it is much easier said than done because sometimes even the people we love can be so harsh and critical about things they don’t quite understand, or things that they aren’t currently battling.

“Talking openly about your mental health, is not attention seeking.”

We have to stop making people feel small or over-dramatic for being expressive, and talking about their setbacks or inner struggles. So many people are literally in the fight for their lives every day.  And thankfully, each day is a new chance to keep fighting for that peace of mind, which most people are so desperately seeking.

Depression is real. Anxiety is real. Low self-esteem is real. Doubt is real. Grief is real. Stress is real. PTSD is real. Postpartum depression is real. Self-hate is real. But so is joy. And cheer. And happiness. And hope. And peace. And contentment. And self-love. And liberation.

I truly believe that it is past time for us to remove the stigma in regards to mental health. Just as doctors encourage us to take care of our physical health, and as pastors preach that we need to take care of our spiritual health, I am encouraging you to add mental and emotional health to the conversations as well. Just a safe space to be expressive and to talk it out, may be the fresh wind someone you’re connected to needs to keep pushing.

I keep seeing it posted on social media, “check on your strong friend.” But let’s be honest, at some point during the friendship, each friend wears the title of “strong friend.” And sometimes when people are going through things, the warning signs are not always clear.  So how about this: Check on your people. Check on your gang. Check on your bros. Check on your sister friends. Check on your inner circle. Check on your clique. Check on your besties. Check on your tribe. Check on your friends.

Just one “How are you feeling?” “How are you doing?” “What’s been going on?” “Are you okay?” “How was your day?” “Just checking on you.” “Do you need anything?”  “You good?” phone call could very well save someone’s life.

I encourage you to make that phone call, or even send the text message to someone you love today. ~B