Shhhhh, Be Quiet.

“The Quieter You Become, The More You Can Hear.”

Initially when I read this quote, I thought about people in conversation, especially a heated one. I thought about how many times we don’t really listen to the other person’s point of view . . . we just began to prepare our comeback in our mind as they’re talking. And of course most times that’s how miscommunication happens because of the lack of listening. But then as I begin to think, and I read it again something else came to mind . . . so many times, because there is so much noise being made, and there is so much chaos in our lives, we get distracted. And because we get caught up in all that’s going on, we miss out on the most important things.

The most important thing to me is: self-improvement. There is always something that we can fix, change, and improve when it comes to us.

January 2015 was a quiet month for me. I went on a fast with my church family not just from certain types of food, but social media as well. And I can honestly say it’s like everything became so light and easy. Instead of being on the phone or IG for hours throughout the day, I was able to actually hear myself think. I was able to have meaningful conversations with the people in my life as well as get things done. I went to bed on time, and I actually experienced rest. I wasn’t grumpy when I woke up. I didn’t feel sluggish or heavy or irritable. And no I’m not saying that eating meat and being on Instagram are bad, I’m saying being away from those 2 things in particular made me feel good. I’ve learned that when you get quiet, you began to understand what’s working for you, and what’s not. Your inner man/woman begins to speak loud and clear to you. You become more self-aware. You began to come up with the answers to the questions that you once had. You start to find solutions to some of the problems that you are facing. You are able to disconnect from things and people that are no longer benefitting you. Because you have blocked out all of the drama and the chaos, you are better able to understand what’s really going on with and around you. You start to realize how the people in your life really feel about you. You realize who’s for you, and who’s against you. When you stop making so much noise, things become clearer. I was able to think straight because my mind was clear. I was able to self-reflect, to meditate. I was able to talk to God without feeling like I had to rush our conversations because I had other things to do. I didn’t have all of the distractions.  I told a few of my friends, that out of all the years that I have been doing this fast, this year was the best year for me. I didn’t have to eat any of the Morning Star products; I strictly stuck with fruits and vegetables. I tried broccoli and I fell in love with it. I now also eat bananas and would rather drink soy milk. So not only did this fast/quiet time help me clear my head, but it opened my mind up to trying new things. During January, I learned so much about myself.

I’m thankful for my January Lesson. Chapter I (Shhhhh, Be Quiet) was just what I needed. Now I’m ready to experience the next 11 chapters.


Self-improvement (self-im·prove·ment)
1. Improvement of one’s knowledge, status, or character by one’s own efforts.
2. The improvement of one’s mind, character, etc., through one’s own efforts.
3. Improvement of one’s status, position, education, etc., by one’s own efforts.
4. The improvement of one’s condition through one’s own efforts.
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Dear Shonda,

I’m soooooo glad it’s Thursday!!!!

Grey’s, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder, I LOVE all 3 shows! Thursday nights belong to you! 3 great shows on 1 network all in 1 night. In my opinion, You (Shonda) are one of the most talented people in Hollywood. I am so proud to call you sista!

Times are changing, we finally get to see three very talented women play the “leading” characters on three of the most talked about primetime tv shows: Dr. Meredith Grey, The Formidable Olivia Pope, and Professor Annalise Keating. I appreciate Shondaland for bringing these powerful women to life. They are flawed and fabulous all at the same time! I’m so glad the break is over! I’m so ready for all the drama that these shows bring to my life!!  I know that we are in for an emotional rollercoaster! The Gladiators are pumped and ready to go!

With Anticipation & Excitement,



Selma, The Dream Marches On

Hands down, Selma is probably one of the best movies I have seen. It was moving. It was inspirational. For me, it was a tear jerker. . . I cried quite a few times while viewing this movie. My favorite part was the march from Selma to Montgomery. The story was real. The rush of emotions during the “Night March and the Bloody Sunday” scenes were real.  The silence that was felt in the theater was real. This movie made me proud to be an African American woman, Ava DuVernay, the film’s director made history when she became the first woman of color to be nominated for Best Director for the Golden Globes. It is truly something special when someone that looks like you is recognized for the work that they’ve done. This story needed to be told, and I’m glad she brought it to life. Selma is definitely a movie that I wouldn’t mind paying to see again. It was worth the time and the money. I am so proud of this film, and I’m so thankful for the people that made voting for people of color possible. Films like Selma remind me that, it is JUST THAT SERIOUS. Be aware. Educate yourselves about the candidates. Get informed about the local elections as well as the national ones. Exercise your right to Vote. No Vote, No Voice.  #Selma50


Two Thousand Fourteen

For a few days, I have been going back and forth in my mind about what my first post should be about.

Should I talk about how great 2014 was?

2014 was a year full of twists and turns. Change happened. Progress happened. Some doors closed, and then more doors opened. My faith was stretched. My resilience was tested. In the end though, I was victorious. In February of 2014, Bishop McCluster said, “there are some things you just have to Grow Through;” and for me 2014 was definitely the “Year of Growth.”

Should I express my excitement about planning my wedding? Should I go on and on and on about my trip to Puerto Rico with my Bff Jen? Should I talk about how we conquered Stone Mountain? Should I talk about how happy I am that gas prices are down? Maybe the Spring Break Adventure with my God-kids in the Bahamas? I could definitely talk about how much I love my job! Or maybe how much I adore my sista friends? Yea, I still don’t have a particular subject, and I’m sure that I will eventually talk about all those things . . . so I’ll just say that 2014 was one of the best years of my life! So many wonderful things happened for me and my peeps. From career changes, to job promotions, to engagements, to pregnancies, to reaching weight loss goals, to closing on new houses, to open doors and new opportunities, God showered His blessings in 2014.


My Bishop said that 2015 is the “Year of Privilege,” and I am so looking forward to all the amazing things that will happen within the next 11 months.

“Eyes not seen, ears have not heard…”  1 Corinthians2:9

2014 aa