Just Shut-Up and Work!

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.” ~Maya Angelou

The beginning of spring has been pretty eventful. So many things have been happening in my life, from working 12.5 hour days, to personal drama, to forgetting important things, I felt as though I had way too much going on; like I was about to explode. It’s like everything was just running together. However because I’m the Queen of multi-tasking, I didn’t understand why I was feeling so overwhelmed because honestly, I’m used to having a lot of things happening at the same time.

For about 3 weeks, I was surrounded by a whole bunch of people and a whole lot of noise, however I felt very defeated and alone. I was frustrated because I couldn’t seem to get enough rest. I was aggravated because I felt like the people in my inner circle didn’t seem to try to understand what was going on with me. I wasn’t eating right, so of course that made me hangry. I had to put out fires because some people who I depended on didn’t come through and insisted on playing the blame game. No one wanted to take responsibility, so I automatically felt like it was my fault. My allergies were acting up, I couldn’t stop sneezing. The 1st Annual Wonder Girl Weekend is drawing near, and not only am I chairing the planning committee, I will also be one of the presenters at the summit. Oh, and let’s not forget that I am right in the middle of planning a wedding celebration, and that is a very detailed process all together.

And because of all that was going on, I found myself feeling like I was suffocating. Like I was drowning, and every time I came up for air, it’s like something else would happen.

And honestly, during those moments. . .every time I tried to pray for myself, or just meditate, it’s like I couldn’t because I would just be whining and complaining. If you know me, then you already know that that’s not how I roll, I don’t like to whine. I don’t like excuses. But that’s all I was offering up to God. “God they don’t understand me.” “God change this situation.” “God, why does it have to be this way?” “God, don’t they know I’m tired!” “God can’t they see that I’m trying.” No praises. No thanksgiving. No grateful heart. I was pretty much rejecting the very tasks that God had placed before me. I didn’t even bother to ask Him for the strength and the wisdom to overcome, I just kept complaining.

And then I heard His voice as clear as ever, “Shut-up and do the work.”

God checked me. He reminded me that this work is exactly what I was created for. This work is helping me to fulfill my purpose on this earth. I was created to give of myself daily. I am a service provider, a change agent. My personal mission is to help change the world. This work is going to ensure that my living won’t be in vain, so how dare I continue to complain? It hit me hard, and I immediately felt the conviction. I repented, and I reminded myself that this is the life that I asked God for.  I told Him a long time ago that I would do all I can, while I can because when I leave this world, I want to be emptied of everything He placed inside of me. I don’t want to leave this earth with dreams and visions and goals and purpose still locked up inside of me. My dash (1986 – ____) will mean something!

I had to immediately change my attitude and my perspective.

Now let me help you: Blaming everyone else will not solve anything. We cannot afford to waste energy worrying about the people in our lives, that we love so dearly, not fully understanding all the moving pieces; we must know and trust that they’ll get it soon enough. We can’t waste time trying to make everyone have the same work ethic as we do; we have to be confident that once they see the train moving that they will come aboard. We can’t have a melt down just because someone doesn’t share the same drive or passion as we do; we just have to continue to lead by example with the hopes that we will influence them in a positive way. We can’t get bent out of shape because people don’t think like us, they don’t have the same mindset; as my mom used to always say, it takes all kinds of people to make up the world. We have to remind ourselves that the Creator of the Universe is working on our behalf. He knows exactly what He’s doing, and who He’s doing it with. I always tell people that life is more like a game of chess and not checkers; and God is the Chess Master. Every move is strategic and deliberate, we just have to do our part, remain patient, and trust the process.

Just a month or so ago, I wrote about being Susie Sunshine and seeing the Light in all situations; and I was tested on that very thing. I am grateful to God for the will to do this type of work; serving His people brings the joy and the fulfillment that I need in my life. There is no amount of money that could ever compare to what I feel on the inside. I thank Him for the gift that He has given me. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to impact the lives of young people. And over the years I have learned that the more grateful I am, the more opportunities He gives me. Every time we show God our appreciation for our gifts and talents, He will always open more doors. That’s how it works, and we must remember that every time we have the urge to complain.

Gratefulness opens doors, complaining closes them.

I’ll admit I had a very weak moment, and we all do; but the way we come back from those weak moments is what’s most important. We have to remember that there are people watching us; people who are literally following our lead. They are waiting to see how we respond and react under the pressure of difficult situations and circumstances; from what we say, to our attitude and body language, even down to our posts on social media. There are people in our paths that each of us are responsible for, and accountable too whether we want to be or not.

I want to encourage you to place your vision in front of you as a constant reminder of your purpose. No matter what comes, no matter how hard it gets, just shut-up and do the work! We would hate to see someone else finish what we’ve started because we refused to see it through; but that’s exactly what will happen, just ask the children of Israel. There’s no way in the world I would’ve wandered in the wilderness for that long only to die in the wilderness and never see the promised land. . . all because I had an attitude and wouldn’t stop whining?! (Numbers 14:14-30) It’s just that serious though. There will always be someone willing and able to replace you; just ask King Saul (1 Samuel 16:1-23.) Remember, the show must go on.

Hold on to your assignment, and know that everything (the good, the bad, the ugly) is working together for your good. Keep your eyes fixed on the destiny you must fulfill.


“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.” (Romans 8:28)