Social Media 101: You’re The One Posting

You Are The One Posting.

The internet is both good and not so good. The changing times have made us feel like if it isn’t posted on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter then it isn’t legit. From weight loss, to intimate relationships, to friendships, to being a Christian; there is a force that is driving people in 2015 that you must parade every moment of your life on social media in order for people to give you a stamp of approval.

However this is the thing, some times we take it entirely too far, and then have the audacity to get mad when people discuss us. Every high and every low, we feel as though the world needs to know. And honestly, there may be a few people who care, but I’m almost 100% positive that the majority of your friends on Facebook don’t care if your head hurts. They don’t care if the car had a flat tire. They don’t care if the kids are acting a fool. They don’t care if the ex boyfriend’s sister is cray cray and wants to fight. They don’t care if the job ended. They don’t care if the baby daddy is a deadbeat. They don’t care if the boss is rude. They don’t care if the marriage is in trouble. Real talk: Those internet friends that do not genuinely care, are screen-shotting your drama and discussing it with their friends. They are screen-shotting it and sending it to your other co-workers with the hopes that somebody will send it to the boss and get you fired. They are sending it to your Pastor with the hopes that you will be replaced as the choir President. They are sending it to your spouse with the hopes to cause more chaos and confusion. Believe it or not, there are some people who are happy about the hardship and trouble that you are facing. The drama that we choose to put out there is now the topic of everybody’s conversation. And we all know that bad news travels way faster than good news. And sure people will like it and comment on it, but read this next sentence over and over again:

The good, the bad, the ugly, if you post it on social media, please believe we are socializing about it.

So go ahead and delete the status about how everybody is in your business, and how everyone is jealous of your new car, your new job, your new dog, and your new relationship.

I told a few of my friends that social media is better than reality television.

I said earlier, you are the one posting. Since social media is the driving force of the world, when people see you on social networking sites, what do they see? Who do they see? Do they see someone who’s successful? Do they see someone who is always sad and depressed? Do they see someone who is positive and encouraging? Do they see someone who is always complaining? Do they see someone who is informative? Do they see someone who is making power moves? Do they see someone who is always keeping up mess? Do they see someone who is enjoying life?

FYI: We must remember that all most people see of you is your social media. So no matter how you try to flip it, what people read about you on your timeline is the gospel in most of their minds. They don’t really know you, know you. For me, most of my 3500 friends have only seen me maybe once, maybe shared a few conversations with me, so that means they can only judge me by what they see me post. . . right?

So many times, we forget that people judge the book by the cover. In most situations people don’t have time to open it up and read it, so we have to remind ourselves that first impressions are lasting impressions. The way you live on Social Media needs to be consistent with how you live in real life; because there may come a time, when you are face to face with one of those 3500 FB friends.

Social Media 101:

Your social media speaks volumes about you as an individual whether you want it to or not. So when people are discussing you in a negative or positive way, maybe you need to go back and check what you posted last week, last month, or even last year. The Bible tells us that a tree is known by the fruit it bears. So if you profess to be an apple tree, however all we see is oranges, please know that there will be questions. Please know that we will discuss you. No, we are not “judging” you, we are just searching for the apples. Meaning, you can’t post one thing and then do another. Your posts and your actions need to match.

On Sundays you post that you are blessed and highly favored, and you extend the invitation for everybody to come to your church to get their praise on, but by Tuesday you’re whining, cursing, complaining, and talking about how horrible your life is. Sundays and Mondays you seem to be thankful, inspired, and motivated, but Tuesday through Saturday, there doesn’t seem to be a grateful bone in your body. Newsflash: There’s no way in the world that anybody would come praise a God that it seems like is only good on 2 out of the 7 days. Because according to your tweets and posts, you are only in a good mood 25% of the time; being that that’s the only time you even act like a Christian. And since you are the one doing the posting, to the social media world you appear to be a fake and phony, because by our calculations… you are only Christ-like 25% of the time.

You are 25+ years old and you post that you’re looking for a job, but every status is about you getting high or turning up. You don’t see anything wrong with letting the world know that every week, you go out Thursday through Sunday. Your hair is pink, orange & green, and you have piercings all over your face. Newsflash: In this internet age, the minute you turn in an application please know that someone from that company goes to find you on social media, so if all they see is weed and liquor down your timeline, why on earth would they hire you? Why would they want you representing their organization? And since you are the one doing the posting, to the employer and to the social media world you appear to be childish, reckless and irresponsible.

You post that you’re ready to settle down and be in a committed relationship, yet every 4 weeks you are taking a usie” with someone different. You frequently post revealing, half-naked pictures of yourself. You’re always blasting your exes on Facebook. You screenshot and post all the text and the inbox messages between you and the person. You post subliminal statues directed to the new person in their life. Newsflash: Why would anybody want to be in a relationship with you?! Everybody and their brother has seen your assets, and what you have to offer physically. And since you are the one doing the posting, to the social media world and to the person that was once interested in you, you appear to be loose. You appear to be desperate and immature. You are showing that you are kind of emotionally unstable. And honestly, no one can take you seriously when you’ve been in 10 different relationships in one year.

And I know people like to say, they had a weak moment, or they are being real and transparent, and my suggestion for that is: be careful about doing it on Social Media. Some times we give way too much information, and some times we are not quite ready for the reactions of our internet family. Social Media is not the place to bare your soul. It wasn’t designed for that.

If you are going to live your life out loud on these social media outlets, you need to prepare yourself for everything that comes with that.

  1. The whispers, the screen shots, people asking others about you, people being in your business. Don’t get upset about it, just get ready for it.
  2. People discussing what you posted. Please stop being shocked when someone repeats something you POSTED ON SOCIAL MEDIA. That’s what they are supposed to do, socialize about it. So just brace yourself for that.
  3. Just be mindful of what you share. Everything doesn’t have to be posted. Know that once you open it up, you give access to those 3500 people to have an opinion about it.
  4. You paint the picture of how you want the world to view you. If you want people to see you in a positive light, post positive things. If you want to be seen in a negative light, post negative things. It’s just that simple. You have total control over what you post.

I L-O-V-E social media just as much as the next person, however I told myself that my really personal and private moments would stay just that, private and personal. I also try to refrain from being a “Debbie Downer or Negative Nancy” when I’m having a not so good day, I just stay away from social media. And that’s no knock to the women that post the video of their labor & delivery, or the people who post their weight loss struggles, or the people who post every conversation with their best friend, or the people who post about their day, or the people who post everything that is going on in their relationship. It’s your account, so do whatever you want to do. All me and the rest of the social media world want, is for you to spare us the unnecessary posts about people being in your business. Just prepare yourself for all that comes along with being a Social Media Celebrity.


And Remember:

“People can’t criticize what you don’t publicize.” ~Tomeika Davis  



4 thoughts on “Social Media 101: You’re The One Posting

  1. Listen. You hit the nail on the head! I don’t understand why people don’t get this yet! When Trabian went to a sports recruitment meeting they talked about schools looking at social media to see what kind of student they will be. I constantly monitor his social media content.

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